Robert O. Herrmann Outstanding Dissertation Award

This award was recognizes outstanding graduate student research addressing issues relevant to the well-being of consumers and while also meeting the research guidelines of the Journal of Consumer Affairs. The research may focus on consumer policy, consumer economics, consumer behavior and/or consumer education. It may be theoretical, empirical, philosophical and/or historical in perspective. Iit must have clear implications for government, households, and/or business. The research should clearly focus on consumer well-being.

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List of Award Winners by Year

    • 2022: Miranda Reiter, Texas Tech University: Racial and gender preferences when hiring a financial planner: An experimental design on diversity in financial planning
    • 2021: Guangyi (Nancy) Wang, University of California San Francisco: Economic and social impacts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
    • 2020: Somer Anderson, Maryville University: Mortgage Debt and Retirement Transition Decisions
    • 2019: Namhoon Kim, Korea Rural Economic Institute: Three Essays on Econometric Modeling and Application: Health and Consumer Behaviors
    • 2018: Derek Tharp, Kansas State University: Three Essays on Personality Characteristics and Financial Satisfaction
    • 2017:
      • Sarah Asebedo, Texas Tech University: Three Essays on Financial Self-Efficacy Beliefs and the Saving Behavior of Older Pre-Retirees
      • Su Hyun Shin, The Ohio State University: An Economic Analysis of the Market for Long-term Care: Evidence from Alzheimer's Disease
    • 2016: Travis Mountain, Ohio State University: Life Insurance and Financial Vulnerability
    • 2015: Jae Min Lee, Ohio State University: Household Savings and Reference Dependent Changes in Income and Uncertainty
    • 2014: HanNa Lim, Ohio State University: Household decision on pension annuitization: A marital bargaining approach
    • 2013: Anne Duke, University of Georgia: Motivating Personal Contributions to Health Savings Accounts
    • 2012: Danielle Winchester, Texas Tech University
    • 2010: Hyrum Smith, Virginia Tech
    • 2009: Anh-Thu Ngo, Harvard University
    • 2008: Vibha Bhargava, Ohio State University: Demand for complementary and alternative medicine: An economic analysis
    • 2007: Joseph Goetz, University of Georgia
    • 2006: Lan Bi, Ohio State University: The influence of uncertainty and liquidity constraints on liquid asset holdings of credit card revolvers
    • 2005: Robert Nielsen, Iowa State University: Health insurance patterns and transitions: Consequences for the physical and economic well‐being of individuals and families
    • 2004:
      • First Place: Hyojin Kang, Cornell University: Understanding the Demand for Private Long-Term Care Insurance: A Study of Contributing Factors in the Insurance Market and Public Insurance Programs.
      • Second Place: Rui Yao, Ohio State University: Patterns of Financial Risk Tolerance: 1983-2001.
    • 1993: Catherine Montalto, Cornell University: Relative Bargaining Power of Spouses: Empirical Results Using An Economic Model of Cooperative Bargaining
    • 1992: Jing-jian Xiao, Oregon State University
    • 1991: Jung Sung Yeo, Cornell University
    • 1990: Yan Wang, Cornell University
    • 1989: Jane Kolodinsky, Cornell University
    • 1987: William P. Putsis, Jr., General Motors Institute