Journal of Consumer Affairs Best Article Award

This award recognizes high quality scholarship in the consumers' interests published in the Journal of Consumer Affairs. The article receiving the award well-written scholarly article that contains scholarly research and professionally informed opinions, involves analysis of individual, business and/or government decisions and actions that impact on the interests of consumers, address an important consumer issue in an innovative and creative way, and is recognized as having the potential to make a significant contribution to enhancing the consumers' interests. Members are invited to submit nominations.

Award Winners

    • 2019: Development of a Value Co‐Creation Wellness Model: The Role of Physicians and Digital Information Seeking on Health Behaviors and Health Outcomes. 52(3), Fall 2018, 562-594
      • Andrew J. Dahl, James (Jimmy) W. Peltier, and George R. Milne
    • 2018: The Relationship between the School Breakfast Program and Food Insecurity. 51(3), Fall 2017, 481-500
      • Jason M. Fletcher and David E. Frisvold
    • 2017: The Cause Cue Effect: Cause-Related marketing and Consumer Health Perceptions. 50(2), Summer 2016, 372-402
      • Elizabeth Minton, T. Bettina Cornwell
    • 2016: Shopping While Nonwhite: Racial Discrimination Among Minority Consumers. 49(2), Summer 2015, 328-355
      • Aronté Marie Bennett, Ronald Paul Hill, and Kara Daddario
    • 2015: Addressing the Texting and Driving Epidemic: Mortality Salience Priming Effects on Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions. 48(2), Summer 2014, 223-250
      • Ioannis Kareklas and Darrel Muehling
    • 2014: Understanding the Impact of Health Reform on the States: Expansion of Coverge through Medicaid and Exchanges. 47(2), Summer 2013, 191-218
      • Lilliard Richardson and Tansel Yilmazer
    • 2013: A Critical Review of the Literature on Nutritional Labeling. 46(1), Spring 2012, 120-156
      • Sophie Hieke and Charles Taylor
    • 2012: Measuring Financial Literacy. 44(2), Summer 2010, 296-316
      • Sandra J. Huston
    • 2011: Weighing In On Fast Food Consumption: The Effects of Meal and Calorie Disclosures on Consumer Fast Food Evaluation. 44(3), Fall 2010, 431-462
      • Andrea Heintz Tangari, Scot Burton, Elizabeth Howlett, Yoon-Na Cho, and Anastasia Thyroff
    • 2010: Disentangling the Differences Between Abusive and Predatory Lending: Professionals' Perspectives. 42(3), Fall 2008, 313-334
      • Lucy M. Delgadillo, Luke V. Erickson, and Kathleen W. Piercy
    • 2009: Is Ignorance Bliss? Consumer Accuracy in Judgements about Credit Ratings. 42(2), Summer 2008, 189-205
      • Vanessa Gail Perry
    • 2008: Consumer Credit Risk and Pricing. 40(1), Summer 2006, 41-63
      • Darryl E. Getter