ACCI Call for Nominations for 2022 Election

Due March 9, 2022

Nomination Form (Word Document) - Click HERE

Download a PDF of these instructions - Click HERE

ACCI has a dynamic and active working Board of Directors and Nominations and Elections Committee.

The Nominations and Elections Committee is seeking nominations of individuals who will:

  • Work effectively and collaboratively with other Board members and the Executive Director
  • Think strategically and be mindful of ACCI’s Mission when making decisions
  • Help develop a culture within ACCI that actively engages members
  • Hold high ethical standards regarding ACCI’s resources and provide active oversight of those resources
  • Make decisions that are in the best interest of ACCI
  • Prepare for meetings by reading Consent Agenda and attachments, and then attend Board meetings fully prepared to participate

You are invited to submit names for consideration for the following ACCI leadership positions to take office September 1, 2022:

  • President-Elect: One opening for a three-year term
  • Board Directors: Two openings for a three-year terms
  • Nominations & Elections Committee: Two openings for two-year terms

Job Descriptions and Information

  • President-Elect: Serves for one year as President-Elect, becomes President for the following year, and remains on the Board for an additional year as the immediate Past President (additionally serving as the Chair of the Nominations Committee while serving as Past President). Nominees for this position must have served on the Board in the last ten years (see list of eligible Members below).
    • Job Description: Serves as overall leader of the organization within a 3-year rotation (President-Elect, President, Past President). Member of the Executive Committee for all three years. Performs leadership duties such as committee coordination and meeting leadership along with others as described in the Bylaws and ACCI Handbook.
    • Time Commitment: About 7-10 hours per month with more time during the month of the annual conference and any extended Board meetings, such as at the annual conference and fall Board retreat. The time commitment increases during the year as President and decreases in the year as Past President.
  • Board Director: Serves a three-year term.
    • Job Description: Board Directors attend Board meetings and conduct ACCI business throughout the year with the involvement of the Executive Director. Directors may serve as standing committee coordinators or liaison to committees in an effort to increase communications, quality and coordination among function areas of the organization (e.g., conference awards, publications).
    • Time Commitment: About 5 hours per month with more time commitment during the month of the annual conference and two-and-a-half days at the fall retreat.
  • Nominations and Elections: Serves a two-year term.
    • Job Description: Attends committee meetings to develop the Call for Nominations, review those received as well as potentially generate nominations; additionally, discuss position(s) with nominees, explaining the role, expectations, and time commitment. Sets a timeline within the Bylaws for elections. Works to identify and develop long-term strategies for developing leadership among members and promote those leaders through the organization.
    • Time Commitment: Total commitment is about 10-12 hours primarily October through February.

How to Nominate:

Please complete nomination form and email completed form as an attachment to ACCI Office. Each Nominee must be an ACCI Member in good standing. Nominees will be contacted by the Nominations and Elections Committee, and each will also be asked to provide a bio and other information if they are selected to be on the ballot. Likewise, the Nominations and Elections Committee may contact nominators as well. For questions and more information, please contact:

For Your Information:

Current Board Officers

    • Angela Fontes (President)
    • Swarn Chatterjee (President-Elect)
    • Robin Henager (Past President)
    • Shinae Choi (Secretary)
    • Lorna Wounded Head (Treasurer)

Current Board Members

    • Carrie Johnson
    • Kyoung Tae (KT) Kim
    • Yoko Mimura
    • Travis Mountain
    • Dee Warmath
    • Yilan Xu

Nominations & Elections Committee

    • Robin Henager, Past President, Chair
    • Yuhnee Chang
    • Jinhee Kim
    • Elizabeth Kiss(rotating off)
    • Jing Jian Xiao (rotating off)

Board Members Eligible for Nomination as President-Elect:

Current Board members are eligible to be nominated for President-Elect (except for those currently serving as President, Past President, President-Elect, and the Executive Director).
Board Members over the last 10 years (* denotes a Past President):

Sophia Anong
Patryk Babiarz
Sonya Britt-Lutter
John Burton
Yi (Tom) Cai
Yunhee Chang
Swarn Chatterjee
Soo Hyun Cho
Elizabeth (Liz) Dolan
*Karen Duncan
*Michael Finke
Margaret Fitzgerald
*Jonathan Fox
*John Grable
*Deborah (Debby) Haynes
Stuart Heckman
Sandra Huston
Russell James
Cynthia Jasper
*MJ Kabaci
Hyungsoo Kim
Jinhee Kim
*Irene Leech
Jodi Letkiewicz
Cäzilia Loibl
Jordan Lin
*Teresa Mauldin
Gianni Nicolini
Robert (Robb) Nielsen
*Clifford  (Cliff) Robb
Robert Scharff
*Joyce Serido
Melissa Wilmarth
*Rui Yao
Tansel Yilmazer