ACCI Ballot 2021-2022

The ACCI Election is open from March 15 through March 31, 2021. All eligible Members in good standing (current with membership dues) received a ballot notice by email. Below you will find information on the candidates for each office, descriptions of the positions, and the list of our current officers.

  • This is a single slate ballot. You will vote Yes - Approve Slate, No - Disapprove Slate, or Abstain for the entire list of proposed candidates. Please read this page in its entirety and decide your vote before clicking to log in and vote. 
  • You may only log into the ballot once, so be sure you have made your decision before doing so. The link is at the bottom of the page.

Single Slate for Leadership

Job Descriptions for Your Reference
  • President-Elect: Serves for one year as President-Elect, becomes President the following year, and remains on the Board for an additional year as the immediate Past-President. Nominees for this position must have served on the Board in the last ten years.
    • Job Description: Serves as overall leader of the organization within a 3-year rotation (President-Elect, President, Past-President). Member of the Executive Committee for all three years. Performs leadership duties such as committee coordination and meeting leadership along with others as described in the Bylaws and ACCI Handbook.
    • Time Commitment: About 7-10 hours per month with more time commitment during the month of the annual conference, and any extended Board meetings, such as at the annual conference and the fall Board retreat.
    • 3-year term of service.
  • Secretary: Serves a three-year term.
    • Job Description: The Secretary keeps accurate minutes of all Board meetings including recording of all motions and decisions and all corrections to the minutes, provides those minutes to the Executive Director for record and dissemination to the Board, keeps accurate records of all Executive Committee meetings, and distributes copies of those minutes and actions to the Executive Committee members promptly after meetings. Maintains secure records of executive session minutes.
    • Time Commitment: About 3-4 hours per month with more time during the month of the annual conference and any extended Board meetings, such as at the annual conference and fall Board retreat.
  • Nominations and Elections: Serves a two-year term.
    • Job Description: Attends committee meetings to develop the Call for Nominations, review those received as well as potentially generate nominations; additionally, discuss position(s) with nominees, explaining the role, expectations, and time commitment. Sets a timeline within the Bylaws for elections. Works to identify and develop long-term strategies for developing leadership among members and promote those leaders through the organization.
    • Time Commitment: Total commitment is about 10-12 hours primarily October through February.

ACCI Office, (727) 940-2658 x 2002, [email protected]

For Your Information:

Current Board Officers

    • Robin Henager (President 20-21)
    • Angela Fontes (President-elect 20-21)
    • Karen Duncan (Past-President 19-20)
    • Lorna Wounded Head (Treasurer)
    • Carrie Johnson (Secretary)

Current Directors

    • Kyong Tae (KT) Kim
    • Yoon Lee
    • Yoko Mimura
    • Travis Mountain
    • Dee Warmath
    • Yilan Xu

Current Nominations & Elections Committee

    • Karen Duncan, Past-President, Acting Chair
    • Michael Gutter
    • Fran Lawrence
    • Elizabeth Kiss
    • Jing Jian Xiao

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