ACCI 2017 Undergraduate Student

Consumer Policy Research Competition

Undergraduate students are warmly invited to select a consumer issue, research it, and submit a proposal for this competition. The full description of the project can be found in this document.

Student teams may choose their own policy topic for the 2017 Undergraduate Student Poster Competition.  However, the topic must align with ACCI’s mission devoted to consumer well-being.  Posters may focus on, but are not limited to, topics such as health, housing, financial literacy, food, retirement, consumer protection, consumer economics, finance, savings, and investing.

Submissions should provide adequate background information so reviewers can clearly understand the current policy in the area being addressed.  Teams should outline the effects of adopting the new policy, including advantages of the policy and potential drawbacks or challenges.  All analyses presented in the poster should be directly relevant to the policy being proposed.

The competition consists of two phases: (1) Team submission of a written analysis of a specific policy impacting consumer economic well-being; (2) Top two teams present their policy research poster at the 2017 ACCI Annual Conference in Albuqueque, NM.

Proposed poster topics must be submitted by November 15, 2016. Please submit your proposal in letter format to

The completed poster (in PDF format) will be due January 31, 2017. The top two posters will be announced February 15, 2017.

The winning team will receive a grand prize of $500. The runner-up team receives $250.

The competition is open to all colleges and universities worldwide. (Students do not need to be current ACCI members; however, the faculty advisor of each student team must be a current ACCI member.)

Good luck to all of our Undergraduate Students!

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