Presenter Information, Instructions, & Templates

All presenters, both authors presenting during a Concurrent Oral Session and those with a Featured Research Session (Poster), need to attend a brief, required orientation. You should have received an email with all the details along with directions on how to sign to attend the orientation.

Orientation Schedule

During the orientation, we will review all the logistics for the conference and your presentations, discuss the flow and technology. It is very important that you attend one of the orientation sessions prior to the conference!

Conference Presentations - Searchable Schedule (All times are Eastern and subject to change.)

Concurrent Oral Sessions

For consistency, we are asking all oral presenters to use one standard format as provided HERE.
  • There are multiple presentations during each 90-minute period.
  • There are three Zoom rooms with presentations taking place concurrently.
  • Approximately 10 minutes is reserved at the end for discussion across all presentations, so your presentation should be no longer than:
    • 25 minutes if 3 presentations are scheduled
    • 20 minutes if 4 presentations are scheduled

Featured Research Sessions (Posters)

Download a copy of these instructions HERE.

For consistency, we are asking all poster presenters to use one standard format as provided below. Use the slide templates to incorporate the information from your poster/research.

  • You will prepare one slide with all the information on it. There is one option for a completed study and a different option for work-in-progress. See examples at the bottom of this page.
  • Font: Arial
  • You will submit two (2) video recordings saved as .mp3 or .mp4 files:
    1. a 30-second introduction to your presentation, with file name as LastNameFirstName_Intro, and
    2. a 5-min. maximum video of your presentation, with file name as LastNameFirstName_Full. Your presentation should follow the outline of your slide layout. Do not combine with the 30-second video introduction with this.
  • To see samples of two versions of the poster presentations click here. These are edited to show beginning, discussion and conclusion. To see sample of the 30-second intro click here. Thanks to Michael Gawrys and Elizabeth Perry for allowing us to share their work.
  • Remember to smile, look at the camera, and speak slowly and clearly.
  • You must send your completed recordings to Judith Tilton, [email protected], no later than April 15.
  • Prior to the conference opening your presentation will be uploaded to the ACCI YouTube channel and promoted to attendees.
  • During the conference, you will be scheduled to a poster session when you will be placed into a room for discussion of your work with attendees for approximately 20-30 minutes. You should be prepared to show your slide to attendees at that time.

Example 1: Completed Study

Download slide template HERE

Example 2: Work-in-Progress

Download slide template HERE